College Roadmap

Chart your course to higher learning.

DFCU has made picking the right college easier.

We're pleased to offer the College Roadmap tool as a great benefit of membership in DFCU. We understand that picking the right school and planning for your future can be stressful, so we're happy to be able to make things a little easier with this great tool.

With DFCU's College Roadmap, you can:

  • Find the right school for your individual needs
    • Sign up for a free account so you can save your results and adjust parameters
    • Answer a series of simple questions to get custom school recommendations
    • Get matched with schools that are the best fit for you
  • Plan for college
    • Access the college planning checklist 
    • Build an activities resume
    • Gain insights on how to develop a education savings philosophy
  • Get ideas on how to pay for college
    • Discover the true cost of college with a cost and compare calculator
    • Uncover sources for free money and financial aid that you can use to pay for school
If you're getting ready to start down the path toward college, leverage the resources of the DFCU College Roadmap to make things a little easier.
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