Treasury Management

Designed for active businesses with complex needs.

If your business has a high level of activity and more complex banking requirements, then DFCU's Treasury Management services are what you need. 


Bill Payment

It’s easier than ever to pay and keep track of your bills with Online Bill Pay. You’ll have total control with fewer steps and more protection. Just choose a bill, enter your information and decide how much and when to pay it. You can pay any company or any person any amount on any date you choose—and we guarantee your payment will arrive on time.

Courier Service

Busy? Allow our courier to pick up your scheduled deposits! Ask your Customer Service Representative about this convenient, time saving service.

Min. maintained balance and monthly service fee of $50 apply.

Remote Deposit Capture

Time and money are precious business resources, so improve cash flow and make deposits from the comfort of your desk with Remote Deposit Capture.

Features include:
  • Deposits made prior to 8:00 p.m. on business days receive same-day credit
  • Deposit to multiple DFCU Financial business accounts
  • Create reports and view archived check images for up to 180 days
  • Encrypted data transmission for added security

Min. maintained balance, one time set-up fee of $35 and monthly service fee of $35 apply. Subject to approval and fees apply.

ACH Origination

DFCU Financial offers Automated Clearing House (ACH) as another useful tool to help save operating costs while improving cash flow. Transactions are originated electronically through the ACH network. 

Features include:

  • Direct deposit of payroll
  • Vendor payments
  • State and federal tax payments
  • Mitigate payment fraud
  • Simplify account reconciliation
  • Forecast accurate cash position

Subject to approval and fees apply. 

Zero Balance Accounts

Consolidate funds in your business’s primary operating account while automating transfers between collection and disbursement accounts. At the end of each business day, an automated transfer is made between the operating account and designated zero balance account (ZBA), bringing the ZBA to a $0.00 balance.

Features include:
  • Consolidate funds in the operating account, maximizing earnings credit potential
  • Eliminate the need for manual transfers and prevent overdrafts
  • Streamline account reconciliation

Merchant Services

If credit card processing is an integral part of your operations, you need simple, secure, and innovative business credit card solutions. With a solution from DFCU, credit card transactions from your customers are deposited into your business account daily. Ask your personal banker for more details today.

POS Solutions

Take your business to the next level with the right POS solution. Not only can our point-of-sale (POS) solutions help you securely accept payments, but they can also help you manage your entire operation.

From tracking inventory and scheduling employees to marketing to customers, each of our POS solutions for small business owners delivers an integrated experience that can make running your business easier and smarter. Built-in payments, combined with hundreds of business management apps, enable your POS system to scale with your growing needs.

Safe Deposit Boxes

Secure your valuables. Safe Deposit Boxes are available in a variety of different sizes. Contact Member Services or your branch to inquire about availability.



Wire Transfers

Send or receive funds from almost any point in the world by wire transfer. It's safe, affordable, and convenient. Just ask an associate at any of our locations for assistance.


Night Depository

Drop off your deposits after regular bank hours. Depositories are safe, well-lit and convenient. Keys and secure, locked bags are available for clients with higher deposit volume needs.