Manage your money with ease

With our new Money Management tool, get a snapshot of all your finances in one place.

Managing your finances is easy with our new online Money Management tool.

Link your accounts from other institutions within DFCU Online, and have that all-in-one monitoring system you've been waiting for.

Personal finance made easy.

Keeping an eye on your finances is critical to being financially responsible and building wealth, but that's easier said than done. We've made it simple to gain a 360° view of your financial health with our Money Management tool. Simply enroll, link your financial accounts and monitor them all from one place--the same DFCU Online portal you already know and use.

  • Set budgets
  • Track spending
  • Enjoy automatic categorization of your transactions
  • Analyze net worth...and much more
Getting started is easy - just sign up in DFCU Online and activate the Money Management tool. Once activated, you can start linking your external accounts to view them along with your DFCU accounts to get a complete picture of your finances. 

Interest in learning more? Watch the video below, log in to DFCU Online, and select Get Started at the top of the page.