Outgoing Wire Transfer

We make it simple to wire money to just about any financial institution inside the U.S.

Outgoing Wire Transfers

To send a wire, you will need to complete a Wire Transfer Authorization form. We recommend that you ask for written instructions from the receiving beneficiary or financial institution prior to completing the form. Incorrect or missing information may delay your wire transfer. Be cautious if you are corresponding via email and there is a sudden change in instructions, contact the beneficiary via a known phone number to verify the change.

  • All wire transfer requests must be accompanied by a legible copy of a primary and secondary proof of identity document.
  • DFCU Financial will not execute a wire transfer received remotely without a call back to a telephone number on record to confirm the wire and verify all transfer details.
  • Wire transfer authorization requests may also be made in person at any DFCU Financial branch location.
  • Wire transfers are processed Monday-Friday, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm EST. Wire transfers requested after processing hours or on the weekend will be processed on the next business day.
  • A fee will be assessed for an outgoing wire transfer; see DFCU Financial’s current Fee Schedule.
  • We cannot guarantee that the funds will be posted by the receiving institution the same day of the wire transfer.
  • Additional fees may be assessed by the receiving bank, or if applicable any intermediary banks. DFCU Financial cannot determine if fees will be charged.
  • Confirmation may be sent, upon request, to the email address on record once the wire is sent.
  • For additional information, please review the Wire Transfer Agreement.

Please carefully review the following details to ensure your request is processing promptly:

  • Member number and name
  • Account number and type - this is the account we're taking the funds from for the wire
  • Two forms of personal identification - driver's license, passport, state identification, healthcare card, etc.
  • Amount and Purpose of the wire​
  • Financial institution's name and ABA/Routing number - where you are sending the funds
  • Name and address -this is the name of the person/business receiving the funds and their physical address
  • Account number - this is the account receiving the funds
  • Reference - special instructions for the receiving financial institution
    • For real estate transactions this may be a file number, escrow number or property address.
    • For purchases this may be the make and model of a vehicle, an invoice number, an address for down payment for rent of a vacation home.
    • For loan payoffs this would be your loan account number, for brokerage accounts this is your account number with the broker.

Start filling out the wire transfer request

  • To complete your form electronically and eSign for faster processing, click on eSign
  • To download and print your form, click on PDF, complete the form, and bring it to a branch location
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