Debit RoundUp

Save automatically with everyday purchases.

Members have saved more than $3 million using Debit RoundUp!

Everyday purchases can now save you money. With Debit RoundUp, each purchase you make with your DFCU Mastercard® debit card will be automatically rounded up to the nearest whole dollar amount. The change is transferred into your savings account each day. Easy? You bet. 

Item Price Rounded Up To Transferred to Savings
sandwich-3600519-(1).jpg $5.08 $6.00 $.92
bag-groceries-4619490-(1).jpg $8.25 $9.00 $.75
gas-pump-icon-7212406.jpg $17.77 $18.00 $.23
Total transferred from checking to savings =  $1.90

Ready to start saving? Just a few things you'll need to get going: a checking account, a DFCU Mastercard debit card and a savings account. (We'll be happy to set you up with any or all of those.) Then just click the link below to enroll electronically, or you can download and print the form here, complete it, and bring it in to your local branch or mail it to DRU Enrollment, P.O. Box 610, Dearborn, MI 48121. 

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Note about eligibility: 
  • Business Accounts are not eligible for Debit RoundUp.
  • ATM Cards are not eligible for Debit RoundUp.
  • The tax owner and/or the joint owner of the checking account are able to enroll in Debit RoundUp.
  • Joint account holders are automatically enrolled--no need to sign up separately.
  • Have questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

See the enrollment form for a full description of how the program works and applicable disclaimers.