Statement & Notice Delay

We are pleased to announce we have resumed normal processing for all statements and notices. We apologize for the extended delay, and appreciate your patience.

UPDATE - 1.26.24

As of this morning all tax statements have been either mailed or are available through DFCU Online. 

We have resumed normal processing for all other statements, notices, and loan bills.

Thank you for your patience as we worked through our vendor's disruption. We sincerely apologize for the resultant delays, and the frustration you may have experienced.


UPDATE - 1.24.24

Some eStatements are currently available in the eDocuments section of DFCU Online; notifications will continue to be sent throughout the day and tomorrow as more become available. 

Some Loan Bills are also available in eDocuments. As they are uploaded, email notifications will be sent.

Notifications about Daily Notices being available in DFCU Online are being sent throughout the day.

All 1099-R tax forms have been mailed. We expect 1098 and 1099-INT forms will be mailed by the end of the week.


UPDATE - 1.22.24

Further progress has been made with our vendor, and we now expect most of the delayed statements, notices, and tax forms to be ready this week. In fact, some statements and notices were sent out this morning.

We will have more information as soon as possible.


UPDATE - 1.18.24

We are pleased to report that tax forms have moved forward in production. We estimate we will receive files tomorrow for deployment of electronic notices, and that printed docs will be in US Mail tomorrow (Friday, January 19).

We are monitoring progress with our vendor and are working toward producing the two delayed retail statement cycles this weekend as well.

Thank you for your continued patience.


UPDATE - 1.16.24

We anticipate email notifications regarding the availability of month end statements will go out this evening (Tuesday, January 16). Printed statements will be mailed Wednesday, January 17. Remember, you still have access to view your statement online even if you receive it via US Mail.
We continue to work with our provider on resumption of all daily notices and personal statements from January 5 and 12.

As a reminder, please continue to make your loan payments on the normal monthly due date. And if you have a Share Certifcate that's up for renewal, please contact us directly for assistance.


Due to an unexpected processing issue, we are experiencing a delay in the delivery of some December and January statements and notices. Please be aware there has been no report of a breach or compromise in the security of our member data. This issue has affected multiple financial institutions.  

Rest assured we understand how important financial information is to you.    

Our expectation is that statement production will resume this weekend. With the goal of having month end statements in the US mail on Tuesday, January 16.  We expect electronic delivery to DFCU Online at the same time or earlier. Once your statement is available, you will receive email notification as usual. 

We encourage you to review your account and transaction history via DFCU Online, DFCU Mobile, or Telephone banking. 

  • If you are not already enrolled in DFCU Online or DFCU Mobile, you can enroll here and then download our DFCU Mobile App from the App Store or Google Play Store. 

  • If you are not already enrolled in Telephone Banking, you can enroll with your member number and last four digits of your social security number by calling 888.336.2700. 

  • Or, you can visit any of our branch locations to review transactions. 

We apologize for this inconvenience and will continue to update this page as more information becomes available.