Digital Debit Card Issuance

Access your new debit card immediately

Our new Digital Issuance service provides seamless and immediate access to your new debit card--no more waiting 5-7 days.
We know it's inconvenient to wait for your DFCU Financial debit card to arrive in the mail. Digital debit card issuance enables you to use your card securely while you wait for your physical card.   

Here's how it works:

  • Immediately after requesting a new debit card or replacing a lost/stolen card, you will receive a text message from short code 66368. (Don't worry--this text is legitimate and safe to open.) It's good for 21 days, and will contain a link and a security token that you can use to add your new card to Apple Pay® or Google Pay™ wallets to perform transactions where digital wallets are accepted.
  • Once you've added your new digital card to your digital wallet, you can view all card details in our CardCMD app, including your full card number, a temporary expiration date, and a temporary security code...all you need to begin using your card online.
  • IMPORTANT: If you're using your card to pay for a subscription or storing the card with a merchant, please wait until you receive your physical plastic to make those updates.
  • Activate your physical card as soon as it arrives. Once you do, the expiration date and security code on your digital card will update. (The temporary digital card displays an expiration date, but will expire on the date you activate your physical card, whichever comes first.)