Unlock the Power of Your Money

Unlock the Power of Your Money

At DFCU Financial, we are dedicated to helping you save BIG. We have a ton of tools and products to make it happen, like Cash Back, awesome webinars on living debt-free and keeping your credit healthy, and our amazing Debit RoundUp feature. With all these options and more, we give you the knowledge to make smart financial choices, the means to save your cash, and even extra cash back just for being a member.  


Cash Back is like getting paid for being a part of the DFCU Financial family. If you’re eligible, you could earn Cash Back yearly based on how much you have in your deposit and loan accounts - mortgage, auto loans, credit cards, savings, checking...the works. If you didn’t qualify this year, contact us and find out how to make sure you get your share. It's a sweet way to save some dough, and it's a pretty big deal - we've given back more than $430 million to our members through this program alone!  


DFCU Financial webinars on Debt-Free Living and Healthy Credit are a must if you are looking to get your finances on track. Our experts dish out all the info you need on how to pay off debt, build a solid credit score, and get your money right. And the best part? They’re free! We want to help you get the hang of financial literacy and reach your savings goals. Thousands of people have already tuned in and learned that while financial benefits are nice, education is priceless.


Debit RoundUp is like a personal piggy bank, but better. Every time you make a purchase with your DFCU Financial debit card, we round it up to the nearest dollar and stash the difference into a savings account for you. It's a super easy way to save - you don't even have to think about it! And over time, those little bits add up - we've helped our members save more than $2.5 million with this amazing feature.  


In a nutshell, DFCU Financial has your back when it comes to saving money. We have amazing programs and services to help you reach your goals, whether it’s getting Cash Back for being a member, learning new savings techniques at our financial seminars, or having your everyday spending rounded up into a savings account. We’re all about helping you make your financial dreams a reality.