Red Flags

Is Your Bank Into You?

Red Flags

Time to Break Up?

Red Flags that your bank just isn't that into you. 

Let’s face it: Breaking up is hard to do. But when it comes to the relationship with your bank, sometimes it’s not you—it’s definitely them. If you’re feeling neglected, undervalued, or just plain frustrated with your bank, maybe it’s time to consider seeing other people (like us, at DFCU Financial).

Red Flag #1: High Fees Left and Right
  • What’s Up? Every relationship has its costs, but if your bank is dinging you with high fees for everything from ATM withdrawals to monthly maintenance, it might be nickel-and-diming your relationship into the ground.
  • What You Deserve: A partner who doesn’t charge you for every little thing. DFCU members have access to nearly 30,000 ATMs nationwide through the CO-OP Network. And at DFCU Financial, we may pay you for banking with us! That’s because we offer Cash Back* on loans and deposits to eligible accounts.

Red Flag #2: Impersonal Customer Service

  • What’s Up? If your bank treats you like just another number, it's a sign they might not be The One.
  • What You Deserve: Someone who actually knows your name. DFCU is known for our community-focused approach and friendly, personalized service.

Red Flag #3: Inaccessibility

  • What’s Up? If your bank’s idea of "nearby" is a half-day’s trek, that’s not just inconvenient; it’s a relationship on life support.
  • What You Deserve: Easy access to your money, whether it’s through more convenient physical locations or top-notch digital options. DFCU has over 30 full-service branches in Metro Detroit, Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, Lansing, Tampa Bay, Naples, and Fort Myers. We excel at being where you need us, both in person and digitally.

Red Flag #4: Lack of Support for Your Goals

  • What’s Up? Whether it’s buying a home, growing a business, or saving for retirement, if your bank isn’t supporting your dreams with the right tools and resources, they might not be your forever bank.
  • What You Deserve: A financial partner who’s as invested in your dreams as you are. DFCU offers tailored resources and support for personal and business financial planning.

Like any relationship, the one with your financial institution should be supportive and beneficial for both parties. If these red flags sound all too familiar, it might be time to say, "It’s not me, it’s you." And guess what? We’re here for you. So, move in with us at DFCU Financial. We’re a keeper!

*While the DFCU Financial Board of Directors intends to pay Cash Back every year, and has done so since 2007, Cash Back is not guaranteed and will depend on our financial performance and other factors. Annual Cash Back payments are limited to an aggregate of $10,000 for each tax-reported owner. The IRS requires that Cash Back for an IRA be paid to the same IRA account, and that it be open when Cash Back is deposited. Cash Back to Commercial / Business Banking members is subject to additional terms. Anyone who causes DFCU Financial a loss for any reason is not eligible for Cash Back.