Defend Your Cash Stash

Easy fraud prevention tips

Defend Your Cash Stash

Easy fraud prevention tips for DFCU Financial members.

Become a financial superhero and protect your hard-earned money from fraud. Get started by arming yourself with these practical and actionable fraud prevention tips to keep your accounts secure.

  1. Strengthen Your Online Defenses 

Just like guarding the entrance to a secret lair, protecting your online banking credentials is extremely important.  

  • Passwords: Create a strong password by mixing uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and special characters. Consider a “passphrase” and steer clear of predictable choices, like your pet’s name or “qwerty.” 
  • Multi-factor Authentication: Team up with multi-factor authentication! Add a second verification step like a fingerprint scan or unique code to keep unauthorized access at bay. 
  • Avoid Phishing Attacks: Watch out for suspicious emails, texts, or calls asking for your personal info. Report anything fishy about your accounts to DFCU Financial right away – we'll handle it! 


  1. Activate Your Fraud Radar 

Fraudsters may be clever, but we'll train you to stay sharp with these tips: 

  • There Is No Prince: If a mysterious prince offers riches, it's a scam! Don't be fooled – delete and move on.
  • Beware Fake Tech Support: Remember, authentic tech support won’t contact you out of the blue. Hang up and reach out directly to trusted sources.
  • Suspicious Links: Hover over links in emails to unmask deceitful ones. When in doubt, type in the URL yourself!


  1. Shield Your Personal Information 

Keep your valuable personal info safe and sound: 

  • Shred, Shred, Shred: Defend against identity thieves by shredding sensitive documents. Trash diving won't work on you! 
  • Lock Down Your Profiles: Keep personal info hidden on social media. Don't reveal clues for password hints, like those random social media posts about “Share a picture that tells us your pet’s name” or “We bet everyone’s first job was McDonalds – prove us wrong!” They want you to share common “forgot my password” hints.  
  • Play It Safe with Wi-Fi: Banking on the go is cool, but stick to secure networks. A virtual private network (VPN) is an extra layer of protection! 

Remember, defending your finances is a team effort, and DFCU Financial has your back. Stay savvy, stay alert, and know that we're here whenever you need us! 

More tips:

  • If you receive a suspicious call or text, please call us at 888.336.2700 to confirm the message is truly from us. 
  • Visit our Security and Fraud Protection page for more support.