Deal of the Year

Deal of the Year

Celebrating a Milestone in Tampa Bay

On January 31, 2024, DFCU Financial earned the prestigious Tampa Bay Deal of the Year award as a testament to our dedication, strategy, and commitment to making a meaningful difference in the Tampa Bay area.

The Alliance of Merger and Acquisition Advisors (AM&AA) Tampa Bay Chapter Deal of the Year Awards shines a spotlight on Tampa Bay’s vibrant middle-market business scene, recognizing the local movers and shakers who fuel middle-market expansion. The merger with First Citrus in Tampa, Florida, was a pivotal moment for DFCU. It wasn't just about growing our footprint; it was about enriching our community. This strategic move significantly bolstered our commercial offerings, enabling us to drive economic empowerment and provide substantial growth capital to a broader spectrum of small and mid-sized businesses in West Central Florida.

Jack Barrett, our Florida Market President & Chief Commercial Services Officer, puts it best: with a $6 billion balance sheet, we're not just participating in the market; we're setting the pace. This expansion is not merely a growth statistic; it's a step towards nurturing prosperity in our community. It's about supporting the very businesses that are the pillars of our local economy.

At DFCU Financial, our commitment extends beyond the financial. We are deeply involved with local nonprofits, contributing to a vibrant, supportive community ecosystem. And with the merger expanding our scale, we're in a stronger position than ever to provide significant support alongside deep engagement with local nonprofits. It's about leveraging our resources to support existing networks in our community that are aiming to make a difference.

Overall, our recognition as the Tampa Bay Deal of the Year is a reflection of our positive impact on job growth, economic development, and the cultivation of meaningful business relationships within the Tampa Bay area. With this achievement under our belt, we're committed to remaining a catalyst for growth and a partner for progress in the Tampa Bay community.