Supporting Veterans Year-Round

DFCU Financial Supports Veterans Year-Round

DFCU Financial Supports Veterans Year-Round ​

James Boggs, founder of Team Addo, and Jessica Hornof, EVP of DFCU Financial Branch Development, recently appeared on Tampa Bay’s Morning Blend as part of ABC’s Operation Honoring Heroes. Their discussion highlighted the significant challenges veterans encounter, emphasizing the pivotal role local nonprofit Team Addo plays in addressing these issues and DFCU Financial’s support of this life-changing organization. 

Watch the segment on The Morning Blend


Team Addo’s Commitment to Veterans 

Team Addo's overarching objective is to facilitate the smooth transition of military members to civilian roles. They offer: 

  • Career Development 
  • Education and Training 
  • Mental Health Support 
  • Community Engagement 

With their mentorship programs, extensive networking opportunities, and vast resources, Team Addo ensures that every veteran has a support system throughout their transition journey. 


Florida's Exclusive Member Appreciation Event: October 5th 

Florida, we haven't forgotten about you! Our sunshine state members are in for a wild treat during our exclusive Member Appreciation Event at ZooTampa. It's about appreciating our members and embracing the fun side of local Tampa Bay. Get ready to celebrate, laugh, and create memories that will last a lifetime. 


Looking Back | The Community Partner Award 

During the DFCU October 2023 Member Event, Team Addo was honored with the inaugural DFCU Financial Community Partner Award to acknowledge their impactful work within the Tampa Bay community. Truthfully, this award is more than just a symbol of recognition — it underscores the profound commitment Team Addo demonstrates in championing our local veterans. 


Learn More 

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As we approach Veterans Day, let's unite in our mission to support and salute all of our local Tampa Bay heroes.