eDocuments and eStatements

All the answers to your eDocuments and eStatements questions.

Members who register for eDocuments receive electronic account statements, tax forms, loan bills and notices within DFCU Online.

eDocuments users typically receive account information three to five days earlier than members who opt for printed and mailed documents, and the amount of sensitive information in your home mailbox is reduced. You can either print eDocuments or save them to your computer.

Review FAQ about eDocuments and eStatements below.

Getting Started

How do I sign up for eDocuments? Once I’m signed up, how do I view my eDocuments?

To sign up, log into DFCU Online and select Settings > eDocs Enrollment. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll access your eDocuments by selecting Services > eDocuments.

What’s the difference between eDocuments and eStatements?

eDocuments are electronic documents that can be accessed within DFCU Online. An eStatement (an electronic version of an account statement) is one example of an eDocument.

Is there a fee for eDocuments?

No, all DFCU Online users can access eDocuments for free.


Why isn't there a link to my eDocuments in the email I received?

Notification emails contain links to the DFCU Financial homepage. For your protection, we require that you log in to DFCU Online to view your eDocuments.

Can I have my eDocuments email notification sent to two different email addresses?

Your eDocuments email notification can only be sent to the email address registered in DFCU Online.

How do I change my eDocuments email address that my notifications are sent to?

Update your email address by logging into DFCU Online and selecting Services > Update Contact Info. 

How will I know when I have an eDocument available to be viewed?

You’ll receive an email notification when your eDocuments are available. 

What if I accidentally delete my email notification? Can I still view my eDocuments?

Yes. Even if you delete your email notification, you can access eDocuments by logging in to DFCU Online.

Why didn't I receive a notification that I had an eDocument waiting to be viewed?

DFCU Financial sends notifications to the email address we have on file for you. If you've changed your email address and haven’t updated it in DFCU Online, your notification was likely sent to your old email address. If your email address is current, it’s possible the email went to a spam or junk folder. Please add edocuments@dfcufinancial.com to your list of email contacts to ensure prompt delivery of notifications.  

General Questions

Are my eDocuments secure?

Yes. Your information is password protected and uses the highest standard for website authentication.

Can I choose which documents I want to receive electronically?

No. All documents are available in DFCU Online via eDocuments. If you still receive paper statements, you will continue to receive paper documents, and copies of your documents will also be available in eDocuments.

Can I print my eDocuments on paper?

Yes. You can either open the document and print the .pdf or open and save the document to your computer, then print it from there.

Can I receive paper documents and eDocuments?

Yes. If you receive paper documents, copies of your documents are also available in DFCU Online via eDocuments by selecting "Skip this Step" when you are prompted to go paperless. You also have the ability to print any document displayed in eDocuments for your personal records.

Will I automatically get my DFCU Financial credit card statements if I sign up for eDocuments?

Monthly credit card statements are not available through eDocuments, but you can choose to receive your credit card statements online by logging in to DFCU Online and selecting Transactions > Credit Cards.