Mobile Deposit FAQ

All the answers to your Mobile Deposit questions.

Getting Started

What’s Mobile Deposit?

Mobile Deposit is a service that allows you to deposit a check simply by taking a photo of it with your smartphone or tablet. The image is transmitted electronically to us, and your funds are deposited without you having to visit a DFCU Financial branch.

How do I use Mobile Deposit?

  1. Open the DFCU Mobile app.
  2. Select Menu, then select Transactions, then select Mobile Deposit.
  3. Select the account where you would like the funds to go and type in the amount of the check.
  4. Select Capture Image, then take a picture of the front and the back of the check.
  5. Review your pictures and retake them if necessary, then select Submit Deposit.

Am I eligible to use Mobile Deposit?

You're eligible to use Mobile Deposit if you:

  • You have accessed DFCU Online and accepted the DFCU Online Access Agreement
  • Have been a member for 30 days or more
  • You are on an active account
  • You are 14 years of age or older
  • You have an aggregate deposit balance of $500.00 or more
  • You live in the United States
  • Additional restrictions may apply

Using Mobile Deposit

How much can I deposit using Mobile Deposit?

Our members can deposit up to $10,000 per day with Mobile Deposit. Business Banking members can deposit up to $20,000 per day and up to $100,000 per month with Mobile Deposit.

What accounts can I deposit funds into using Mobile Deposit?​

You can deposit funds into your DFCU Financial checking or savings accounts.

How do I endorse a check for Mobile Deposit?

On the back of the check, sign your name and print "For mobile deposit only at DFCU Financial." If Mobile Deposit will not accept your check, please bring it to the DFCU Financial branch nearest you to make your deposit.

What do I do with checks after I make a Mobile Deposit?

We recommend keeping the check in a secure place for 90 days. After 90 days and confirmation of deposit (via your DFCU OnLine history or monthly account statement), you may destroy the check.

Can I make loan payments using Mobile Deposit?

While you can’t apply a check deposited with a mobile device directly to a loan, you can use DFCU Mobile to transfer available funds and apply them to a loan balance once the check has been posted to your checking or savings account.


How long will it take for my funds to become available using Mobile Deposit?

In most cases, checks will be posted immediately and the funds will be available according to our Funds Availability Disclosure Policy.

Are there any types of checks that are not eligible for Mobile Deposit?

While you can deposit most checks through Mobile Deposit, there are some exceptions. The following types of checks are not eligible:

  • Foreign checks 
  • Altered checks 
  • Incomplete items 
  • Non-negotiable items 
  • Non-readable or non-visible MICR line items 
  • Deposits from the same account that the deposit is crediting 
  • Torn or damaged checks  

What do I do if the writing on my check is too light or difficult to read?

Our Mobile Deposit system reviews each check for image quality. If the system is unable to read your check, you will receive an error message; if this happens, please bring the check to the DFCU Financial branch or ATM nearest you.